Sunday, June 30, 2013

Sunday Weekly Wrap-Up

This is really a wrap-up as I have not shared my work all week.
School is finished, although I will be in a lot next week to pack up all my teaching materials - especially books. I plan on a huge yard sale the end of July. I made over $200 on Friday from fellow teachers - and it is half gone, spent on art supplies!

Collage Obsession
I finally completed the challenge for Collage Obsession - "You",  sharing something personal about oneself.
Because I had been working on some Canada ATCs, I decided to show places I had lived in Canada.

I have lived in many places in Canada - from Winnipeg where I was born, to Montreal, then Toronto at age 8, where I grew up. University in Ottawa, then Kingston. Then the NWT for 3 years of teaching, followed by 3 years in Alberta, then back to Ontario, where I finished my career, in Brantford.
I have had a chance to travel a bit - to Scotland, Cayman island, the islands, Mexico for example. Hopefully we will travel some more.

Be sure to check here for how others faced the challenge.

I created a card a day, mostly collage. Daisy Yellow is the place to learn more about this fun challenge - it continues for the month of July.!
Here are the cards from the week past:

June 24 and 25


June 30 - my youngest son's birthday - a day of joy!
I also completed several ATC (art trading card) swaps:
Butterflies on aces (APCs)
Zen Star
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Deli-аrt said...

Hi,Beverley Baird !
I loved your collages with meaning. They are filled with love of life Please, if you can, put the gadget "translator".Thank you! :-)) I will read your blog.

Translated by Google :-))))

Monique said...

Beautiful collages. Love the ATC's.