Saturday, March 31, 2012

More Mexican Shadows

Shadows abounded in the lush tropical paradise we visited a few weeks ago. Thought I would share a few more.
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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Back once again, after an absence!

March Break brought not only a needed rest and much relaxation, but a longer break from blogging. I did not really appreciate how tired I have been and how much I needed to just take each day at a much slower pace, with few commitments.
But after a couple of weeks away, i am ready and eager to get back to creating again and blogging. I have missed both.
We had a wonderful week away in Neuvo Vallarta. We rested by the pools, read, drank margaritas and swam a bit. A lovely way to rest and restore.
I had such fun snapping shots of the animals, birds and flowers, not to mention the water! Here are my favourite shots:
Shadow Shot Sunday
I am returning to this fun photo challenge after a few weeks. I took lots of photos in Mexico - and of course many were of shadows! With the bright sun and the green foliage, shadows were abundant.