Sunday, April 28, 2013

Sunday Weekly Wrap-up

This weekend has been lovely - with sunshine, warmer weather and so much green appearing. Spring has sprung finally!

I created several collages this week for different challenges. (Check prevuious posts for a look at them)

JOY Cards
This morning though, I created several more joy cards and these ssyings really speak to me about this new season.

These are actually quite small - business card size. They are a reminder to me to keep joy in my life.


I have been working on a number of swaps as well.


Have a wonderfully creative week this week!

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Saturday, April 27, 2013

Shadow Shot Sunday

I woke up to a beautiful morning today - the sun was shining and casting shadows, so I was able to get a few shadow shots.

I loved how these shadows bent with the window frame!

I was getting rid of my old carnations (nothing like having flowers to brighten our table - will need new ones this weekend!), when I saw the shadows from the flowers.

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Tuesday, April 23, 2013



Wednesdays it is time to share your workspace. Several times in the past few days I was able to work on gellim printing. I am taking a course by Caroline Dube on gelli printing and I am thoeoughly enjoying it.
While working though, my table is covered!

These are the latest prints I made.

Besides working at this table I set up in the downstairs family room, I also work at our dining room table.  It is where I do my school work, read, write, work in my jounrals and create ATCs.  Tonight the piles were getting higher! Time for some clearing away before the weekend!

Be sure to check out the workspaces of many around the world here.

ABC Wednesday - O

This week at ABC Wednesday, O is being highlighted.

I chose -

Op(tical) art

on   oaktag

with oil pastels

to create my ATC this week.

The ATC was inspired by the artwork of Artist Mony:

For more information on op(tical) art, check here. Watch your eyes!

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Saturday, April 20, 2013

Sunday Weekly Wrap-Up

I finally got caught up on the challenges from this week. I also found another (!) challenge.

All of these are collages - I used gelli prints and run-off sheets for the backgrounds and some details.

Inspiration Avenue:
The theme this week was " Blossom"

Collage Obsession
The theme this week was "Emerald"
I did a collage of cut magazine pages.

Craft Barn   for the Alpha Dictionary Challenge
The letter this time was "W" - I chose "World", in honour of Earth Day on Monday and in response to the tragedy in Boston last week.


Paper Traders
The theme was "Choose Love"

Anything But a Card
The theme was "April Showers"

All of these challenges are enjoyable and provide a chance to create and have fun. Check them out!

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Happy Earth Day tomorrow and have a wonderful creative week!

Shadow Shot Sunday

i awoke this morning to snow! Thursday it was 27 degrees C. - very warm! This morning the temperature has dropped to -1C. Quite a change!

Of course I did not have my camera on Thursday when there were shadows and this morning it is so cloudy, there were no shadows.

But I had to get some of the snow in the garden. Some of our flowers have started to grow and now there is snow!

So, I decided to look back and remember my garden last year - maybe the flowers will soon be here!

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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Glue it Tuesday

I had great fun this week creating some ATCS, that were pasted but not cut. |The cards were for a "Torn paper abstract collage" swap.
I love collage and abstract - and this also gave me a chance to use up smaller bits of gelli print papers.

Check out the fun here.

ABC Wednesday

This week at ABC the focus is on N.

I chose N for Nature - especially as spring may finally be arriving!

I created some ATCs highlighting nature  through photography - 

flower,  and tree and sky 

and black swan:

Be sure to check out the wonderful participants here and see what  they chose for N.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Shadow Shot Sunday

Thursday night we had power out for over 2 hours. Some places in Southern Ontario were powerless for almost 24 hours - so we were lucky. Freezing rain and winds make for a nasty mix.

We listened to a radio and used flashlights and as |I moved the light around I was struck, by what else, but by shadows. Here are a few.

Be sure to check here for shadows from around the world. Join in the fun of seeking shadows - it is addictive!

Friday, April 12, 2013

Gelli Plate Fun

This week I have been working on Carolyn Dube's Gelli Plate workshop. I am enjoying it sooooo much.
But then I am in love with the gelli plate and creating special papers - both from the gelli plate and the roll-offs from the brayer.
Had some fun tonight making some papers. Here's a look at my table and some of the papers.

From the gelli plate:

From the roll-offs:

Some of the printing tools I used:

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R is for Rose

This week at the Craft Barn, the Alpha Dictionary challenge is R.

 I chose R is for rose, in memory of Joanne, a dear sister of a dear friend.

The background is a gelli print (I never get tired of creating these!).

Be sure to check here for ways that others have created with R.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Glue it Tuesday

Almost forgot about this new challenge at Artsyville! But I was playing with papers and rather
than throw out the small pieces I decided to just glue them down.

I call it "Itsy Bitsy" Collage Bits

Be sure to check here for lots of cut and paste!

ABC Wednesday

At ABC Wednesday, M is our letter of focus.

M is for Mandala - geometric designs, usually circular, that radiate from a centre,  that symbolize the universe.
(Check here for more info.)

Here is the ATC  I created for M (mandala) - with a gelli print background.

Be sure to check here for how others around the world focus on M.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Sunday Weekly Wrap-Up

This morning I needed to create. I started with a simple collage of gifted papers from other bloggers:

then worked on the Alpha Dictionary challenge from The Craft Barn. The letter this round is "R".

Yesterday we had attended the celebration of the life of Joanne, the sister of a dear friend. I knew her and always admired her. |She died at only 62. Joanne was a teacher as well and lived her life with faith and love.
This collage is in memory of her - she was a true original, always lived true to her faith. (The rose is from her celebration bulletin)

 Last week I worked on

Joy Cards

I have finally gotten out with my camera and taken some photos - of skies mostly this week.

But I did get one of a robin - a clear sign of spring for me!

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Be sure to have a happy, creative week!