Monday, June 10, 2013

It's Monday! What are You Reading?


It's Monday and time to share what I have been reading. I haven't participated in a while as I really had not been reading much (sadly!)  But the past week I have read a few books and thoroughly enjoyed them.
Be sure to check our Jen and Kellee's blog "Teach Mentor Texts" for great reads. Sheila at Book Journeys hosts a similar meme.
My favourite was "Run" by Eric Walters
This was a novel about the Terry Fox run and was excellent. Although I know Terry's story well, it was fascinating to see how Wilson incorporated the actual Marathon of Hope run into a YA novel.
I also read 'Ghost Messages" by Jacqueline Guest.
Guest's YA novel looks at the actual laying of the trans Atlantic cable. Another fascinating read!
The last book was "Different Dragons" by Jean Little.
I have always enjoyed her books and this YA was a good read. A young boy learns to face several fears and gain confidence as well.
All three authors are actually Canadian and well respected.
I started a couple of adult books as well and plan to finish these over the next week or so - in between writing report cards!
"The End of Your Life Book Club" by Will Schwalbe
I am so enjoying this book about a son and his dying mother's book club.  I am already making a list of books I want to read based on their book club.
"The Creative Habit " by Twyla Tharp.
Tharp may be a choreographer and dancer but she explores all forms of creativity and how to develop the habit. An interesting read. 


Linda B said...

The book, Ghost Messages, looks good, Beverley. I've not heard of it before, nor the Jean Little book. I love her books too, so will look for this one. I have heard of the Twyla Tharp book; it looks like your 'cup of tea' for sure!

Elizabeth said...

Ghost Messages looks very good to me.

The author of The End of Your Life Book Club was the main speaker at the Book Blogger Conference at the BEA this year. Very interesting person.

ENJOY your week and your books.

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