Saturday, June 1, 2013

June 1st - Bold Intentions and daily challenges

Visiting blogs is always an adventure, as you never know where you will be led. Today while visiting iHanna's blog, I came across 2 new monthly challenge.

Bold Intentions
Hanna had written about her intentions for June and I was intrigued. She had a link to Elise of "Enjoy It".  Elise  sets   bold intentions each month - not a regular to-do list but a list of  special intentions to accomplish.
I like the term and the fact that you don't need a huge number.

Here are my bold intentions for June:

1. Get on track for better health.
2. Create a large mixed media canvas
3. Create an index a card a day.(ICAD - through Daisy Yellow blog))
4. Take a photo a day.
5. Write daily, even if only 15 minutes.

Super Summer Challenge
As well at iHanna's blog, someone had left a link to the "Super Summer Challenge".  There are lots of free printables, a fun challenge to help  you focus on better health and lots of great advice.
It starts today - and it is never too late to join in. I am joining in!

My Daily Creations ( Day 1):

Day 1 of  ICAD - "Red" collage.

Daily Photo

I couldn't believe this one - it is a paint chip I discovered on our walkway at the back - it appeared after all the rain of the past few days.


Terrie said...

Wow - you've set yourself some major goals! I love certainly won't be bored this summer. Great start to ICAD...I'll be following along this summer.

Anonymous said...

Best of luck with your June intentions! I love your red collage...Happy ICAD to you :)