Thursday, March 14, 2013

SOL#15 - March 15th

Today is day 15 of the Slice of Life March, the writing challenge sponsored and run by Stacey and Ruth of "Two Writing Teachers". Writing a new slice each day has been a bit of a challenge - sometimes the ideas come quickly and other times the inspiration is lacking.

Today marked the end of tests that i had lined up this week.

After waiting almost a year, I got in yesterday to see the orthopedic surgeon about my right knee and left hip. Well, actually, I saw an orthopedic physiotherapist who gave me an assessment after looking at my xrays.
She was very thorough. She even showed me what was wrong with my knee and offered advice about treatment. I am not needing surgery for a while, but I do need physio. She gave me  a script detailing what is needed. Apparently, my knee is throwing my left hip out and I now have bursitis in it.
I had been having physio for my knee from July to Dec. She did not seem too impressed with the lack of exercises from them.  I need to build up the muscles around my knee.

I wish I had gotten in last year - it might have saved me a lot of pain and money.  Oh well, better late than never. Now I need to track done a good physio.

Today,  I had the ultrasound that may finally  find out what is causing the pain in my upper abdomen. I am thinking gallbladder, but will have to wait til next week for the results.

So, it was good that we did not plan to go away this March Break. We got some rest, I got tests done and was able to do some art. My husband as well is looking more rested and we have had lots of time together. All in all, a relaxing March Break.


Chris H. said...

Good for you. You are taking care of yourself which will result in a better quality of life. We still have two more weeks until spring break. I'm ready for some TLC, too.

Chris H. said...
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Nanc said...

I think the tests have tried to make my brain rest! We are done today. I had gall bladder surgery and...the pain was up higher...very strange. It is strange how a pain on one side can impact your other side because of the compensation. I'm trying to get my husband a good phisio... also. xo

LibraryDragon/Storykeeper said...

Wishing you a quick recovery and improved health.

Carol said...

Glad you have gotten a lot accomplished this week!