Friday, March 29, 2013

SOL #29 - March 29th

Today is day 29 of the Slice of Life March, the writing challenge sponsored and run by Stacey and Ruth of "Two Writing Teachers".
There are only two more days left - hard to believe. This month of writing has been a challenge at times but a blessing as well. It has reinforced in me the need to write. It has also opened me  up to so many wonderful people. There has been so much  honesty and such heartfelt posts.  I feel much closer to several wonderful women.

 We looked after my husband's son's 3 - almost 4 - year old.  I had forgotten just how exhausting that can be. He arrived at 9 and his dad picked him up at 5. In between, we:
- played cars
-taught him how to do dominoes
-read several books
-made paper bunnies
-dyed eggs
-drew pictures
-watched TV
--made paper Easter eggs
-answered at least a hundred "whys"
-fed him lunch and several snacks
-wiped his nose many times
-gave him one 2 minute timeout
-watched "Toy Story 3" (my first time)
-and listened to many stories

We collapsed on the couch after he left and could have napped!


Carol said...

Little guys are hard work! And not very independent! Sounds like you had big fun! And you will sleep well!

Linda B said...

Sounds fun, but they are busy! As you saw from my post the other day, Ingrid was with me on Wed. (She'll be 4 on April 14th). So about your grandson's age. You described such fun things that you did, Beverley. I never thought of teaching Ingrid Dominoes yet--next time!

writekimwrite said...

Whew...what a day! A work of heart to be sure!

nf said...

I loved reading this, as my mom too watched my two girls today who re 3 1/2 and 1- she was exhausted too as like you, she spent the day devoting herself to nothing but the girls. Reading your post I can see it too its different as a grandparent, you have nothing but time to give your your grand children... I'm trying to learn from this as a mom instead of letting the greased of daily life fill m y brain with worries and I don't live in the moment .... Take care, your grandson is so blessed to have you to care and play with him!