Saturday, March 9, 2013

SOL #9- Mar. 9th Robots

Today is day 9 of the Slice of March challenge - writing a slice every day through March. This is run by Stacey and Ruth through their blog "Two Writing Teachers".

Friday,  robots took over our classroom! I have had a student teacher for the past 3 weeks and she has been teaching 3D geometry for math. As our celebration to end the unit, the children were in 4 groups to create a robot using the found materials they had brought in.

What a fun afternoon! Cooperation, critical thinking, laughter, even art all worked together to produce four very different robots, as well as some miniature ones to accompany their bigger cousins.
It was such a joy to watch the children solve problems, share materials, and create their robots. The end of the day came too quickly.

And now we have a week off for March Break.

As Lisa and I discussed the afternoon adventure, we both lamented the lack of time to share their creations,
So we planned for another afternoon on the 18th, to measure the robots, write their stories cooperatively and then share them with the class.

As I tried to stress with her (as she herself said), this project was so rich - in language, in learning, in cooperative work. Solving problems  like how to balance the robot on its cylinder feet, add brains to one's head (loved that decision!) or just what to use or discard were all wonderful to witness.

We are both looking forward to Monday.


LibraryDragon/Storykeeper said...

It sounds like everyone was happy. What a great way to learn. Your kids will enjoy having more learning adventures because of the robots.

Carol said...

I love, love, love when kids are invited to share in authentic learning experiences that incorporate content knowledge, like 3D shapes, with art/creation and building community. Your kids will always remember this! And they will come back to school on the 18th dying to see what's going to happen next! Hurray for great teaching!

jenb. said...

Not only a great experience for your students, but your student teacher as well! I hope she carries this day with her into her career, being reminded of the wide range of aspects that make for a comprehensive learning experience.

Anonymous said...

I say film their explanations and share them virtually. Parents will love to see them, too.