Monday, March 25, 2013

SOL #25 - March 25th

It is day 25 of the Slice of Life March, a wonderful challenge being held by Stacey and Ruth at "Two Writing Teachers". Less than a week to go - this month has gone by quickly.

We were shopping Sunday afternoon at Costco and it was packed. Shopping there is not one of my favourite things to do - except for visiting the book section. And again, I did not leave without a book ( and a magazine)
"Stretching for 50+/ Core Strength for 50+ by Dr. Karl Knopf looks to be the perfect book for what I need now. My flexibility, especially in my knee is poor. I start a  new round of physio today.

My husband bought me a spring bouquet of flowers.This is his favourite place to buy flowers - usually roses.

 He has done this  almost every 2 weeks (unless we have a plant) since we started dating 13 years ago. That is a lot of flowers,.We both love flowers on our dining room table. They are lovely to look at and smell. They do give joy

.One of my joy cards (which I have been making regularly  this year - it is my word of the year) fits this well.

I had been talking about this with the secretary at my Valentine's. My husband had sent me roses at school and she had brought them to me. I told her that he does this every 2 weeks or so. She said her husband had better not waste their money on flowers - they just die. She would rather have a sweater!

Yes, the flowers will die eventually, but they do give so much joy while they are here.

What's your opinion?


Delilah said...

I have to agree with your secretary. I do grow many different types of flowers in the summer and sometimes bring in a bouquet for the table. Living in a rural area I also have lots of wild flowers that I can gather.

Linda at teacherdance said...

I think that he is doing a wonderful thing by giving you flowers, and unless you're depriving yourselves of something needed because of the money, go for it. I buy myself flowers to brighten my life because my husband can't do it as he used to, but he did, & I love the memory. (a final argument-the florist is happy too!)

Carol said...

I agree with you. I love, love, love flowers and would be thrilled if someone bought them for me! It wouldnt have to be the $50 ones from the florist, a $9.99 bunch from the grocery store is fine!