Friday, March 29, 2013

SOL #30 - March 30th

Today is day 30 of the Slice of Life March, the writing challenge sponsored and run by Stacey and Ruth of "Two Writing Teachers".
After today, there is only one more slice for March. I have made it to the end (well almost -  1 to go) and am proud of that. I will continue with the Tuesday Slice.

This year Easter and the whole lead up to it has not been what I have been used to. We have not attended church in the past couple of months. I miss the music, the prayers, communion. I miss the community of worshippers. Every day, I read  from "Our Daily Bread", I try to enter prayers and gratitudes. but it is not the same.

A few times I was able to take part in the Walk with the cross - not this year.
In my old church, there was a sunrise Easter service - there are none here. There is something about seeing the sun rise and singing ":Hallelujah ".

Easter is a joyous time and I plan to go to church. I have missed it. A new beginning. A time to rejoice

When I was young, I can always remember going to church with a new bonnet and dress. Now I seldom wear a hat.
One of the most joyous services was Palm Sunday in Montreal, when we visited my in-laws. Children and older people came in waving palms branches and we all sang. Very uplifting.

I realize this is a hodgepodge of memories and thoughts. But, I wrote as I thought  and remembered
- rather than edit and change.


elsie said...

Your memories of Easter brought back several of my own. The hat was always a must have for Easter. I don't remember ever wearing it any other Sunday. Happy Easter to you tomorrow and may you create more memories.

Carol said...

I don't remember Easter hats, but I do remember singing a song about Easter bonnets and making bonnets out of paper plates with crepe paper ties every year in school. The boys made ties, I think. And we always had white gloves.