Monday, March 4, 2013

SOL #4 - Mar.4

Day 4 of Slice of Life March, organized by Stacey and Ruth of Two Writing Teachers.  I feel as if I am slowly settling into a routine. I am enjoying the writing and the visiting of slices.

Yesterday, while reading some of the SOL posts, had me thinking about the past.
Then, as  |I was finally packing away my Valentine unit tub, I discovered a card from my daughter from 17 years ago, when she was 11!
I reread it and I felt the same lump in my throat.
Something handmade means so much more to me than all the bought gifts. This card is a treasure.

Thank you again, my dear daughter. I LOVE you too, so much.

As a turn around, here is a poem to you:

The important thing about you is that you love me.
\you are smart and trustworthy.
You are a dedicated nurse and friend.
You are always there for me.
It's true that sometimes you get impatient with me,
but I'll always love you.
You have a great sense of humour.
You are so lovely, kind and loving.
You care so much for animals - you are now a vegan.
But the important thing about you is that you love me.


Hannah said...

This is an amazing idea for a poem. How lovely to keep discovering treasures in old notes, letters, and cards. I really enjoyed this SOL post.

Anonymous said...

Loving post ~ children are our treasures who come through us and leave all too quickly (as it should be) you are blessed ~ Very creative ^_^

writekimwrite said...

There is an ongoing valentine between you and your daughter I suspect. Thank you for this glimpse.

Linda B said...

Beverley, this is just beautiful. I love that you posted the card, & then wrote your daughter back. I hope you'll send this to her!