Friday, March 1, 2013

March 1 - SOL #1

New month, new outlook, new daily challenge!

Over at "Two Writing Teachers", Stacey and Ruth have begun a daily "Slice of Life" for March.

I am a wee bit nervous about this but it is also exciting. One of my goals for 2013 was to write more. I have been writing more regularly  but I am not yet in a habit of daily writing. I joined 12 x 12, to help take all those picture ideas I generated in November into scripts. So far I have written two.

March always seems to be brighter, more optimistic, after the dark, wintery days of February. There have been so many snowy days! March brings longer days, March break, spring and Easter. Lots to look forward to.

Now I must change my routine in the morning, so that I can write my slice first thing.
I am not really a morning person. My alarm goes off at 6:45, so that if I need to clear off the cars before my hubby goes off to work at 7, I can do that. If it is not needed, then I grab 10 more minutes of rest.
Then I kiss him goodbye, grab the 2 papers he has picked up off the walkway and start my morning routine : 
cereal, juice and read paper 1 (The Toronto Star); shower;
 tea and toast and read (alright skim) the 2nd paper (our local paper);
then teeth, dress, make lunch and head out by 8, for the half hour drive to my school.

Today I only read/skimmed the first paper (I tear out longer articles I want to read for after supper)and was ready to type by 7:35. Not bad.
It feels good to have purpose, to carry it out and still be on time! Now if I could only add exercise to the mix!

Have a wonderful day!



Deb Day said...

I try to write in the morning too, but sometimes I just am too rushed. So many times I start at night and finish in the morning. that seems to work better for me! Here's to a good month of slicing!

Linda B said...

Hurrah, you did it, Beverley! It's fun to hear your routine! Isn't it interesting how we have all those 'things' we do each morning, and when we need to add in, it's almost painful. Glad to see you squeezed it in. I always write the night before-too much to do in the am for me. I admire you doing in then. Happy slicing!

elsie said...

You have a busy morning! I tend to get my slice mostly ready the night before, then edit in the morning before publishing. I don't think I could do it in the morning and still head out the door for work. We all do what works for us. It's going to be a great month!

Carol said...

Your post made me laugh, mostly because I just wrote a post about how I'm a morning person, but didn't get a post written this morning. And yeah, I definitely need to figure out that exercise thing too! Happy slicing!