Monday, March 4, 2013

SOL #5 - March 5th

Day 5 of the Slice of Life March brought to us by Stacey and Ruth of  "Two Writing Teachers."  It is a very positive, enjoyable challenge so far. And I have met through words, so many lovely people. What a range of interesting slices each day!

I had several ideas for today but when I arrived home and discovered a huge parcel in the mail for me I knew what I would write about.

Several weeks ago I joined in on a book and bookmark swap through "Teach Mentor Texts" ( an excellent blog written by Jen and Kellee). I mailed off my book for my swap mate and today my book arrived from Vicki.

Vicki included 2 books:

"Are You ready For Me?" by Claire Buchwald and Amelia Hansen
"Lunch Lady and the Cyborg Substitute" by Jarrett J. Krosoczka

"Are You Ready For Me?" is even signed by the author - such a treat for me! It is a sweet book that prepares a child for the work involved in adopting a puppy. There is even a contract at the end that lists all the possible promises children and parents need to make.
I am considering getting a dog -  when I retire - it even had me questioning whether I would be ready! (maybe I will go for an older dog. lol)

Vicki's note stressed how similar we were in our favourite reads of last year - "Wonder" and "The One and Only Ivan". A kindred spirit!

I hope my book swap partner will like the book I sent her.

If there are more swaps I certainly plan to join in!


Carol said...

Darn it! I somehow missed this bookswap! And it sounds like big fun! You definitely got terrific books- I need the puppy one too. And like the two of you, I loved, loved, loved WONDER and THE ONE AND ONLY IVAN. Happy reading!

Dana said...

What a great idea to do a book swap. I also loved Wonder and The One and Only Ivan. Fabulous reads.

Jaana said...

Book swap! What a great idea! What could be better than receiving books in the mail?