Friday, March 8, 2013

SOL #8 - March 8th

Day 8 of the Slice of Life March Challenge - which Stacey and Ruth of "Two Writing Teachers" run.
I had my worries before I started that I wouldn't have much to share. But others' slices have inspired me, as well as remembrances of times past.

This slice is in response to an event that happened yesterday.
I had to buy some medicine at our local pharmacy and when I went to pay for the items, my debit card was declined. I have never had this happen and I was shocked to say the lease.
The cashier said I should go to the bank, which was in the small mall luckily, as there were problems with a lot of cards this week.

I made it into the bank with 2 minutes to spare. I ended up being there for 40 minutes.

Yes,  my card had been compromised and my account had money deducted from it. Luckily, the bank had frozen my account.
I had to talk to the fraud department, get a new card and create a new password.
They could not tell me where the card had been compromised. though. I would like to know, so I don't go there again!

But I feel violated. Why do these people who are so set on taking advantage of others and  stealing from other people's accounts because they cannot work and earn money legally, get a job?

I will get the money back but then in the long run, the banks will just keep raising our fees. Do we have to go back to carrying cash because we can't trust the debit machines?


Donna Smith said...

It seems a fact of life now. We've had a couple of credit cards changed due to fraud. Fortunately, the purchases have been declined and we are quickly issued new cards, but it is always confusing to me how some people can work so hard at not working and trying to take my earned money instead.

Linda B said...

So sorry this happened to you. I haven't lately, but it has happened to me. Once, numbers were taken & my card company called to ask if I was in some southern state. Someone was using the number to order things. I'm glad that the companies are diligent about it, but it must cost us because they must have many employees doing the searches. Glad you made it through all right! said...

This seems to be happening more and more these days...I am glad your bank "caught it" early. My credit card company called me the other day to report a "suspicious chard" even though it wasn't a huge amount of money. It's a good thing - even if it's a scary they know "me" through my pattern of purchases!

Jackie said...

Bank snafus feel so personal!! You inspired me to write about my banking experiences overseas . . . which will be a giant rant!! Sorry you went through this!

Anonymous said...

You're lucky that it is the first time it has happened to you. Living from paycheck to paycheck and with a husband who is unemployed right now, it has happened to me more than once. Having it happen because you really don't have the money can be just as (or more) upsetting.

maria.selke said...


The more we increase security, the harder the thieves work and finding ways around it all. Life was probably simpler with cash (but how could you shop online?)

Kay said...

We had the same thing happen with a credit card. I was so thankful the credit card company caught it quickly and froze the card. It did make me feel so violated, too. It's just like students who work so hard to cheat or get out of school work. They could have done the assignment (or earned the money) honestly with much less trouble.