Saturday, March 23, 2013

SOL #24 -March 24th

Today is day 24 of the Slice of Life March, the writing challenge sponsored and run by Stacey and Ruth of "Two Writing Teachers".
There is only a week left - hard to believe. It has definitely become a necessity to write each day. I only hope I can continue on my own. Having the accountability and the camaraderie of the SOL has been a great help.

Saturday morning my husband attended a retirement workshop put on by OTIP. There were some gloomy statistics and information. Besides information about pensions and insurance there was some advice about retiring:

We have to reinvent ourselves - we are no longer defined by our past lives.

Lifelong learning will keep our minds active.

Ask yourself:    Where am I today?
                         Where do I want to be?
                          How am I going to get there?

Everyone has a money story. What is mine?

Retirement is more than just money - it's about finding the right emotional and financial balance.

Retire to something, not from something.

It was a valuable workshop. I have some more tools to assess whether this is the year to retire. It also really started the dialogue with my husband about when I need/want/should retire.


Anonymous said...

My favorite line is retire to something, not from something. Good advice.

elsie said...

I'm with Elle, love the retire to something, not from something. Also the reinvent yourself. This is so true. My husband and I have found our rhythm in our retirement.

Delilah said...

I love being retired. There is always something interesting to do. You will know when it is the right time to go!

Linda B said...

I like that 'retire to something' too. I moved out of the classroom 3 years ago, moving to part-time & lit coach, now wondering how much more? Thanks for sharing the good advice, Beverley. Is your husband retired?

Lori said...

My husband is 5 years older than I am. He's been with the same company for 35 years. I started teaching at 43, It will be an adventure as we decide who goes when.

Carol said...

Love this advice about retiring. I especially love the advice about not retiring from something, but to something. I wonder if your "to" will have something to do with art (I love your latest collages, especially the P one, by the way). Can't imagine what my "to" will be at this point, but I need to start thinking about it soon!