Thursday, March 7, 2013

SOL #7 - remembering again

Today is Day 7 of the SOL March. It is been held at  "Two Writing Teachers" blog by Stacey and Ruth.

I wasn't sure what I was going to write about until I found my old Gr. 3 report card while looking for something else. I had had it out to show my class.

What a difference to report cards of today. It was still arthmetic, silent and oral reading. My best subject was spelling! As I got older Math would be one of my top marks.

It certainly made me remember many things:

-living in Rosemere, Quebec  and starting Grade 3 there and then moving to Scarborough, Ontario at Easter

-having my appendix removed  (My teacher was probably tired of always complaining of not feeling well and brushed aside my newest complaint. \that night I was rushed to the hospital. In those days, the hospital stay was 5 days. It was a lonely time at night. The worst tho was my brother trying to make me laugh. I didn't complain too much more that year!)

-having to learn cursive in a couple of weeks (from my left-handed mother) as my new class was already writing in cursive

-my new teacher Miss Olafson, who came to visit a few times

-picking a trillium in the small wood lot behind the school one recess and being told I would go to jail as that flower was Ontario's flower. I remember throwing it down and running crying to the school.

-going to the bookmobile each week and taking out 4 or 5 books to read

It is surprising what you remember once you start  thinking about the past. It took me awhile to make friends at my new school but I did enjoy it there. We would move several more times throughout my school years, always within Scarborough - just had to go to different schools. It became harder and harder to make friends - I was afraid we would move again.

Those moves resulted in my being determined to keep my children in the same school and grow up with close friends. When I divorced their father, I moved from the country into the small town 10 miles away. the children stayed at the school  - they were still upset because they had to change buses!
But they all have wonderful friends all these years later that they are close too. For that I am glad I did what I did.


jerilyn said...

Thank you so much Mom for keeping us in the same school - I can't imagine not having my friends in my life, they are like family to me now. I'm sorry you didn't get to experience the same.
P.S. It's so fun hearing about your childhood memories! :)

Lisa said...

Great slice! I loved third grade and was sad when my friend moved out that year. You probably left some other kids sad too. Thanks for the memories...

Carol said...

Fascinating to me that you got C's in art, and now you are creating all these gorgeous pieces. It's interesting, I think, the things we remember. Mrs. Kelly was my third grade teacher. She read THE BOXCAR CHILDREN aloud to us, and we created a "Pair" homonym tree.