Monday, March 11, 2013

SOL #11 - March 11th Jack Layton

This is Day 11 of the Slice of Life March, a wonderful challenge organized by Stacey and Ruth of "Two Writing Teachers", as a way to encourage us to write daily.

Sunday night I watched the bio movie of Jack Layton. For those who don't know him, he was the leader of the federal New Democratic Party in Canada, and came very close to uspetting the Conservatives in the 2011 election.

Tragically, he died Aug. 22, 2011 after another bout of cancer at the age of 61.

Watching it made me more aware of his earlier life, but it also reinforced the great loss of this man to Canada. What he stood for, and what he represented, would have transformed Canadian politics.
Now we have a government that represents big business and has little concern for the average Canadian, let alone the environment.

On his deathbed  Jack wrote a letter to Canadians that should be posted in every household and read each day. We need to change the greed /profit is everything/ that pervades our society.

Here is part of it:

Oh, if we only would!


Unknown said...

Those who inspire us to make a difference are those who have great impact. Thank you for sharing insights of this great man on your blog. What an inspiration!

Carol said...

Love this quote! I'm going to print it and hang it up so I don't forget. Thank you.

Jaana said...

Beautiful quote! Let's be optimistic and change the world by slicing!

LibraryDragon/Storykeeper said...

I had never heard of him. I am glad you wrote about him. I loved the quote.

Anonymous said...

Losing Jack will be felt in our country for many years to come. Thanks for writing this and sharing his story with some of our American teacher friends--