Monday, March 11, 2013

SOL #12 - March 12th Books

Today is Day 12 of the Slice of Life March - a daily writing challenge held at "Two Writing Teachers" and run by Stacey and Ruth. It is challenging - not so much the writing as finding the topic each day to focus on.

I loved Andrea's post "Books, Books and More Books" on the 9th. It was well written and had me chuckling and nodding in agreement.I too collect books - I have 8 bookcases and still more books in boxes.

Not even a day later though, I was out buying more books at Chapters - books I really don't need - I really need to cull or read what I do have.

But spend I did and got quite a variety of books (most from the bargain section):

A bio written by Michael Moore for my husband

"The Happy Book" for my student teacher
(at least not all the books are for me!)

"The Fault in Our Stars" by John Green - a YA novel I have been wanting to read since last year

Another book by Elizabeth Berg "The Last Time I Saw You" - an author I  do enjoy

2 art books: "Paper Made" by Kayte Terry (101 Paper projects)
                    "The Art of Drawing and Painting Horses - something I would like to master

As well, I got several other books from the bargain bin, as well as 3 magazines (one the Somerset Studio art magazine - love the art in it).

Magazines are another weakness. I inherited the magazine gene from my mother and have passed it onto my daughter and even my husband. At least I recycle them - they either go to school for different projects or are given to friends.

I have several books on the go -   what I read will depend on my mood :

"The Hobbit" - have to finish it soon if we want to see the movie on the big screen!
"Into the Abyss" by Carol Shaben - a true story I clearly remember about a plane crash in Alberta
"In the Garden of the Beasts" byn Erik Larsen - another WWII book, a true story

I will probably put these on hold though while I read John Green's story!

What is your favourite read of the year so far? I just finished " The House I Loved" by Tatiana de Rosnay, author of Sarah's Key - I enjoyed it.


Rissa said...

You and I have similar taste in books. I loved The Light Between Oceans by M.L. Stedman. It is an intriguing story set at the turn of the century Austrailia.

Linda B said...

I thought Sarah's Key was heartbreaking so will look for that next one, Beverley. The Fault In Our Stars is wonderful; I hope you like it too. Yes, the books are sometimes a problem. I sold many recently when I moved, but my new house is full, as is my office. Readers do this, and that's okay. I don't spend money on fancy shoes or purses, or big cars, so I buy books. Glad to hear I'm in good company!

Jackie said...

I must admit...I have solved my obsession with collecting books by going to the library and using my Kindle. I still like the feel of a real book though. A couple of books I have enjoyed this year are, "The Art of Racing in the Rain" by Garth Stein...a gentle story about life through a dog's eyes....and the "Commune of Women" by Suzan interesting book I got for free on the Kindle. Jackie

Carol said...

Just finished TWELVE TRIBES OF HATTIE. A new author who kind of reminds me of Toni Morrison, although not quite as hard to read. Read FAULT IN OUR STARS last year, loved it. And I will read anything by Elizabeth Berg. If you like Berg, you might also like Erica Bauermeister. Some other favorites this year- Wonder and One and Only Ivan. Right now I'm reading GONE GIRL.