Sunday, March 17, 2013

SOL #17- March 17th

Today is day 17 of the Slice of Life March, the writing challenge sponsored and run by Stacey and Ruth of "Two Writing Teachers". We are now more than halfway through the challenge. I wouldn't say it is becoming easier, but it is becoming more of a habit and I actively seek out ideas now. It has lead to more writing in other areas as well.

Happy St. Patrick's Day! A day to celebrate the Irish and all things Irish. Leprechauns, rainbows, green beer.

Ireland is a beautiful country, one I would love to visit one day.

It is too bad that each of us does not have a special day to celebrate the countries of our ancestors. Most of us originated from other lands. In my case, my father was born in  Scotland as were all his family. My mother's family was from Norway - my mom was the only one born in Canada.

I have been to Scotland and loved the rolling hills, the castles, the history of the place.I love the bagpipes, the   kilts, the heather.

I have never been to Norway though and neither had my Mom. I know about the fjords, the rosemaling (beautiful folk art) and the food ( we had many a feast when we visited the tantas when I was growing up!).
Someday I would like to visit and learn more.

(top of a stool painted by my aunt)

I have traced our family tree, from both sides and it is fascinating to see old documents and pictures. Someday i would like to trace where the families lived and died and maybe even find more relatives.

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Linda B said...

Nice to hear about all the paths you cross, Beverley. Maybe someday you will get to Norway. Former neighbors immigrated from there & we found out much from them. She told often of a grandmother and her homemade, delectable sour cream! And the skiing-awesome!