Sunday, March 10, 2013

SOL # 10 - March 10

Today is Slice of Life March, a challenge being held at "Two Writing Teachers" - Stacey and Ruth. It is a challenge every day in March about a slice from your life. Sometimes, that comes easily. Other times, it definitely is a challenge.

Up until today, I had little difficulty finding a focus for the slice. Today, I almost forgot about it! And, the ideas are just not there. Do I remember something from the past; Do I write about school? Write about something funny/sad/happy? Still blank.......
Usually the idea is sparked by something I see, or hear or find. Okay, where is the inspiration?? I'm waiting!

One thing I do know, is that some of the other slicers are so courageous and have written such powerful posts. Carol is one slicer who's words have really touched me and made me want to meet her and just talk and share. Linda is another - so open, caring and facing life head on.
The online community is huge - there are so many people to meet and share with. I often I wish we could meet in real life.

Friendship for me has always meant "Kindred spirits". Anne of Green Gables is my touch point for defining a friendship. Since moving to Cambridge, those kindred spirits have not appeared. Nice people, friendly people, people to talk with but not the deep soul touching sharing. A few people in Brantford have touched me through my teaching. It just would be so nice to have someone closer.


Carol said...

Thanks so much for your kind words. There are so many people on Slice that I would love to meet- you included. But if I was going to meet you, I would want it to be at your house, preferably in your studio, so we could do art together. I would love, love, love to learn how to make the cards that you featured today. So gorgeous. It would be fun to make and send to people. You continue to make me long for more art in my life. And that kindred spirit thing, so, so, so important. It seems like it takes a while, not only when I move geographically, but also when I move from one phase in my life to another. Think it just takes time.

Lynn said...

Isn't it funny how the day you think you have nothing to slice about becomes one of your best!I love, love, love, 2 of the quotes you found and try to live my life exactly that way..."Life is short, Break the Rules," and "Never regret ANYTHING...but I change this one to "as long as you hurt no one!" I also agree ow great it would be to meet the great people in this writing community.

Linda B said...

Beverley, Thank you for the sweet mention. I do my life one step at a time, I suspect just as you do. I wish I could meet everyone too, & I know when things settle a little, Carol & I will connect again. I am right with her, though, I want to "see" all your craft things & learn how to do those, what are they, 'gelli' plates, etc. Your things always look so good! Love the quote, perfect for us, isn't it?

Jaana said...

Art Trading Cards? I just learned something new! And I agree, it would be fun to have a slicer reunion. I don't know anyone close to me who slices, but thankfully wonderful people around the world have become fellow slicers!