Sunday, March 31, 2013

Last SOL for March - #31 Easter

Today is the last Slice of Life for March! This wonderful challenge was created by Stacey and Ruth of "Two Writing Teachers". It gave us all an opportunity to write daily and share these slices for our lives for one full month. I,  for one, am sorry to see it finish. Yest there will be slices on Tuesday so we will be able to keep in touch. I am so hoping that this discipline of writing daily will continue.

Many slicers have written about really paying attention, really noticing those moments in our days which can spark our writing.
I liken this to the weekly  photography challenge I do called  "Shadow Shot Sunday" - because I am always on the lookout for shadows no matter where I am.
Now, I will be actively searching for those small moments that can lead me to write daily.

This may be the end of SOL March but it is really a beginning - of a habit of writing, of paying closer attention, of new friendships.

Thank you to all who visited, who commented with such encouraging, supportive words. It has been a grand month!

                  Happy Easter - one and all!


Jackie said...

I like your comments about shadows. I too, notice shadows and love the morning and late afternoon for some great shadow pictures. My husband took a great on of our shadows in moonlight. I hope to see you one Tuesdays. Jackie

Carol said...

Happy Easter to you! I have enjoyed getting to know you through your slices and through your art! And the shadow pictures are very cool!

The Purple Lady said...

I have enjoyed how the challenge pushes us all to look to the small things. They really go uncelebrated all too often.

Linda B said...

I'm excited that you're going to continue Beverley. It's been delightful to get to know you and see what you have to say, see what you are doing! Cheers for April, poetry month! And see you Tuesday!

elsie said...

You will find those small bits of life to write about. Finding your shadows should create a post, I think that sounds interesting. I love looking at shadows. It's been a fun month!