Sunday, November 21, 2010

Full Moon Dreamboard /Weekly Wrap-up/ GPPChallenge


"Stirring up memories" was a bit of a surprise as well - memories of the accident and but also of my father. The anniversary of his death is tomorrow. But memories can be healing and the need to balance past with present is present here as well.


Weekly Wrap-up

This week I have been struggling with illness and finally got medication. Hopefully, I am now on the mend. Even tho I was home 2 days, I did not get much done creatively. Looking at and appreciating other's artwork was an enjoyable past-time. Lots of inspiration out there!

I created one set of collage cards for an ATC swap and that was easy and fun.

I also did 2 collages in my AEDM journal.
One was just playing with papers

and the other was of smiling children. Thought this look at children around the world would be uplifting.

I am continuing work on a large zentangle. It is coming slowly tho!

I continue to take part in the Photo a Day. These are a few of my favourites this past week.

GPP Challenge "What's your Hang -Up"

The only artwork I have framed so far is this pair of flowers I did in oils, in the style of Georgia O'Keeffe and Helen Lukas.

The challenge now is to frame more of my work!
Be sure to check out the other participants here.


Lucy Ladham-Dyment said...

I put a picture in my board about balance. Interesting board.

michelle ward said...

Bev - thanks for sharing your 'hang-ups' with the team :) I hope you'll be framing more!!

Mona said...

Lovely flowers ... hope to see more :)

Suzie Ridler said...

Your dreamboard is lovely, so festive and quite inspiring. I hope I can make peace with snow like you are trying to do. May your medication help you too, it's a challenging time of year in many ways. Thanks for sharing the dreamboarding journey with us.

Julie Jordan Scott said...

This is beautiful. I am grateful you shared with us! I didn't do a dream board this time - so busy in life I completely forgot - but am continuing to create art through art every day month.

My AEDM check in is here.

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed hearing about your thoughts on your dreamboard. And for being ill, I must say, it seems you accomplished a lot this week. :) May all your dreams come true.

Jamie Ridler said...

Yes you can! What a powerful message to show up this season, a reminder that you can create what you want, face the challenges ahead and heal your heart. Yes, you can.

May all of your dreams come true.

Emma said...

you have been busy! Yes I've finally warmed up, by making a few mor things for this Saturday's fair! Isn't the full moom great?

Regina said...

Thanks for sharing. I'm sure you have more you can hang up with all your creativity.

goudenregen said...

Love your framed flower paintings. Hope you are feeling better now.

Anonymous said...

The framed flowers are beautiful and I liked reading about all the other things you have done as well.