Tuesday, November 9, 2010

ABC Wednesday Q is for - yes there are some Q artists!

As I began the search for Q artists for ABC Wednesday this week, I had my doubts of finding many artists. I knew there would be Chinese artists but not sure of any others. So I was a bit surprised to find a few!

Here are 3 different artists, 2 from before the 16th century and 1 very current.

Thomas Quinn - he is an American naturalist, living in California.
Here is a quote of his about his work:

"Sometimes," Quinn says, "the paint can transcend the flat surface of the canvas, and the result assumes the elusive quality of a wild thing." The philosophy of "less is more" is evident in Quinn's art. He has "always admired the magic of negative space, what is left unsaid."

Enguerrand Quarton - the 15th Century French painter and manuscript illuminator
Qian Xuan -the 13th century Chinese painter of landscapes, flowers and birds

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Roger Owen Green said...

OK, don't know ANY of these folks., unsurprisingly. good job finding them.

ROG, ABC Wednesday team

Sylvia K said...

Always love your ABC posts and find more artists and their work to enjoy! My favorite this week is Thomas Quinn, have always enjoyed his work! Hope you have a great week, Bev!


Erika B said...

Very educational! I learned something new today!

Erika B

Ann, Chen Jie Xue 陈洁雪 said...

I am a Chinese, but ashamed to say I don't know much Chinese arts.


Gattina said...

Never heard of them but it doesn't matter it's impossible to know all the painters in the world !
Nice findings for Q !

VioletSky said...

good research.
Enguerrand Quarton - what an intriguing name!

jabblog said...

Anthony Quinn's work looks like something I would appreciate. As for Chinese art, I love it - the fine detail, the colour, the intricacy of the work.

Lis said...

years of art history and I have to say, i would have been stumped by Q - love what you found! I love that quote by Quinn ... beautiful image too!