Friday, April 1, 2016

A to Z April Challenge - ACT

Today begins the A to Z April Challenge - where each day (except Sundays) a new letter is the focus.

My theme is inspiring words - using a word as an affirmation and choosing quotes, links and words to support its importance.

A is for ACT

To act is to do, to perform, to exert power.
To succeed in what we seek to do, we need to act, to take action and carry out our plans. We cannot sit on the sidelines and let the world go by.

Here are two quotes that stress the importance of acting with integrity.

A series of questions can test whether you really are acting with integrity. Check them out here.

Gretchen Rubin has written about happiness and habits and has a commandment that she follows that makes sense:  "Act the way I want to feel."
She stresses that the way she acts will affect the way she feels, so she must act positive and take action.

Check here for what other bloggers around the world (and there are hundreds) did for A.


Karyn Good said...

Act is a great affirming word choice! Gretchen Rubin is always inspiring.

A Is For Advenutre

Alina K. Field said...

What a great idea for the A to Z Challenge! I also like that you added the A to Z link. Looking forward to your next post.