Monday, April 26, 2010

Best Shot Monday

Since photography has been increasingly much more a part of my life, I've been finding new memes that focus on photography. Several I have taken part in a few times but "Best Shot Monday" is new for me.
I love the idea of taking photos and then reflecting on them.

Tracey Clark hosts Best Shot Monday and asks us :

What have you been reminded of lately?

How is life looking in your world?

I have been so loving all the greenery, the blooms, the birds, and new life. The warm weather, even the rain have made me feel so much more invigorated.

After the week I had last week (my ODD student off his medication for the week - that was a real joy! and my very troubled student hitting my EA on Thursday, causing me to hold the door so he would not escape, which resulted in severe pain on my hip all weekend), seeing all this beauty around has really helped.

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Leone said...

beautiful shots. Sorry you had such a bad week last week, hope your hip is feeling better.

Lis said...

Oh Bev, these are lovely! I feel like I am being drawn into each flower, to really see and appreciate its singular beauty. Gentle reminders for how we should treat each other? Thank you for this inspiration!

♥ Lis

Serline said...

The first one reminded my hubby of the flowers that used to grow outside his house in Islamabad, Pakistan: Like little Peking Opera masked men...

Anonymous said...

These Photos are so lovely! Especially the pink flowers, Magnolias?