Sunday, April 18, 2010

Return of ABCs of Art

Having had a break of a few weeks from my weekly look at ABCs of Art, I am back again on track and am finishing with:

D for Drawing.
While in Mexico I tried to draw while at the pool. Not too successfully mind you! I wonder why?!!

One of the pieces of artwork in the room was a beautiful sketch of a woman. (Not sure of the artist) I tried drawing it.

One site I visited a while ago suggested dividing your drawing page into small squares and doing one a day. That seems doable.

Visiting Rebecca's blog earlier today I found her suggestion of gluing a face from a magazine into her sketch book and practice drawing portraits from this face an excellent one.

Not having a strong background in drawing or sketching, I know I need the practice. So, I plan to draw daily and use these 2 suggestions. I also want to work through some of the art books I have collected over the years.


I continue to work on ATCs for ATCsforAll - there have been so many interesting themes. I just finished one on Moms,

as well as Foreign Text,

and Gesso faces. This was such fun - and good practice for faces!

These keep me creating, in a fun way and I receive some awesome art in return.

This week I will work on ATCs for "The Artistic Mother" art group, as well as drawing. I will post next week on my drawing project, and will then move on in the alphabet (finally!).

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