Sunday, November 6, 2011

Sunday Weekly Wrap-up - AEDM, The Artist's Way

Just a quick post as I have a bit more work to finish report cards for tomorrow.

Time for Sunday Weekly Wrap -up - my look at the week that was.


This month is "Art Every Day Month" - a challenge offered by Leah at Creative Every Day.

I am enjoying working through Leah's Survival Guide. She provides a prompt each day, to spark inspiration and motivation. It is also a chance to see more of her artwork.

Here are a few of the pieces I have created and a summary of what I've done:

Nov. 2: Watercolour Horse - inspired from a card from Saratoga

Nov. 3: Finished ATCs for a swap (theme was Stamps/Scrapbooking)

Nov. 4: Painted backgrounds for ATCs

Nov. 5: Photography (more skies! I posted a few photos for SSS in the previous post)

Nov. 6: Worked on my art room! - Leah talked about having your own creative space on Day 4 and I finally got inspired to do that.

The Artist's Way

Paula at "HappySnappy" hosts this exploration of "The Artist's Way".

I have read Chapter 9 but have not done much on the tasks . My artist's date has been my daily time for creating or working on my art space.

Morning papers - nil. I did re-read those I have done this round and the round before (a year ago). It is not surprising, I guess , that some of the same issues arise.

Now that reports will be out of the way I can devote more time to actually working through this chapter.


Anonymous said...

wow, you have been busy,, its all beautiful, I love the loose ness of the horse, wonderful,

Anonymous said...

I can't bring myself to reread my Morning Pages yet. They are too raw; hit too close to home. I think instead I will read my Reverb10 project, which is from December 2010. See how close I came (or didn't come) to what I wanted for 2011.

How nice that you have your own art space now! Doesn't it make a difference? I took over the master bedroom for mine. Lots of room!

Gwen said...

You do need to have a personal space to let your creativity flow. Your horse is wonderful..a free spirit and so well drawn, or painted... looks like you drew him with a paint brush
Gwen xx

Paula - Buenos Aires said...

There are always so many interesting projects on your working table! Awesome sketch, so much movement implied. Outstanding photography, the rose is gorgeous. In love with the birds on your ATCs. :D

Tracey FK said...

Nice to read a weekly wrap up and you have had a productive week... i really liked the horse sketch... as to report cards... poor you... I don't miss writing reports now I'm not teaching high school any more... my sympathies xx