Monday, November 14, 2011

Multitudes on Mondays

"There are blessings in the moments - if we look"

This small quote sums what what showing gratitude is all about. It is looking at that those blessed moments in the day when we feel love, compassion, thankfulness.

This past week, I have been grateful for:

41. a very moving Remembrance Day service at school

42. the beautiful voice of Adele, whose music always stirs me

43. warm apple crisp, a comfort food when I am feeling achy or down

44. time to create art, especially through AEDM

45. talks with my daughter

46. friends who I can laugh and share things with

47. the secretary at school who always helps me

48. my sons who phone to just say hi and "I love you"

49. the first sighting of Christmas lights on our street - gorgeous!

50. my husband, who always takes care of me

Stop by "A Holy Experience" for more "Multitudes on Monday", with the list that never ends!

1 comment:

Leone said...

Congratulations on reaching your goal and for starting again. It is so true that setting goals really helps us to keep on track even if we don't reach every one. Great job on the heron. Also, your phots continue to be excellent. Take care.