Sunday, November 27, 2011

Sunday Weekly Wrap-Up / The Artist's Way

This past week has passed in a flurry of parent interviews, volleyball practices and a tournament, and a wee bit of time for art. The interviews went well, although not all parents showed up. It made me think of an article from the NY Times I read this week about how we need better parents. A very interesting read.

The volleyball tournament turned out disappointing for the kids at the end as they lost the semi-final round. Cheating by another team was not addressed and my group were very discouraged. It definitely was a learning experience - for all of us! They did extremely well though. I did write a long letter to the coordinators - but haven't heard back.

The Artist's Way

I am back on track, finally. Chapter 11 was filled with wonderful messages:

"Creativity is oxygen for our souls."

Creativity is its own reward.""Creativity requires action and part of that action must be physical."

"As artists we are spiritual sharks."

"I need to create what wants to be created."

"Creativity is not a business."

This chapter was inspiring and so positive. I love the idea of a creativity notebook and listing the wishes for 7 areas of our lives. I intend to do this, but connect it with the planning for 2012 (see below)

Lots of nurturing is encouraged for the week ahead and I intend to do that.

As for morning papers - that still is not consistent and is done at night, to unload thoughts and ideas so I can sleep! My artist date continues to be time to create.

It is hard to believe that we are almost done the book. This group of people who have shared the journey are so supportive. Be sure to check out Paula's blog for others of the group.


Leah of Creative Every Day offered a Survival Guide for AEDM and it has been very helpful. It has given me prompts and ideas that I can continue to use after November is over.

I have done a bit of sketching and more photography this week. Here is a cat based on an Escher print:

My favourite model:

A sky I couldn't resist:


Both Jamie Ridler and Glenda of "Myles Ahead" both have started the planning process for 2012. Check out both for some ideas and direction. 2012 is only a month away!


rajns (carolyn) said...

Love your butterfly inchies! We've had rain and your art reminded me of spring!

spectralumbrella。◕ ‿ ◕。 said...

Cheaters never win as they say. Nice quotes, too.

Paula - Buenos Aires said...

So much food forthought in this post!
Thanks for the article link. It seems to be a world wide thing.
The ATCs are absolutely delicious. Good to see you enjoying this chapter and the Art Every Day group.
I´m starting planning too. I even made a title page for January to keep track of all the projects I´m participating in.