Sunday, January 10, 2010

ABCs of Art - Architecture

A B C s of Art 2010
Second week of my challenge - to look at art and create art - alphabetically. Each week I focus on an idea, a style, an artist, a medium and then, create with that as the focus.
This week my focus was Architecture.

(Next week's focus will be block and blotto painting.)

I wanted a definition to begin with. "Discovering Canadian Art" by Bennett and Hall had one easy to understand:
"a form of art that includes the planning,designing, and construction of buildings for public and private use"(pg. 93)
I then began an internet search - lots to find and some interesting sites. Here are a couple I enjoyed:
"Is Architecture Art?" Architect Richard Meier answers this question. He believes that architecture is the greatest of the arts.
Great Buildings looks at many buildings around the world, past and present. 3d images are also available. I enjoyed checking out Notre Dame, Chartres, Stonehenge and many others.

I had been out yesterday and this arch in downdown Cambridge struck me as a great piece to sketch.

I started a sketch but I want to take it further this week. I love stone - such textures. to found.

I checked out Van Gogh's site and there were a number of buildings, churches and villages that he painted. Check out his site here.
I attempted a simple church - just for fun.

Drawing buildings has never been a favourite of mine. But exploring the buildings and looking at architecture in others' artwork was a fun exploration.

Exploring arches, old stone ruins, and odd buildings as well as abstract designs was interesting and I hope to do more sketches of these.


Today I worked on a set of ATCs for an undersea swap. Fun cards to make. I find that it is very relaxing to work on these set of cards - 3 for the swap, 1 for the host and 1 or more for me. These were my 2 favourite.


Leone said...

Your ATC's are fun and I love that stone arch. Anything rustic like that is so beautiful, I think. It's the craftsmanship it takes to build something like that that makes it so interesting.

Heckety said...

The arch is lovely, and your ATCs are fun too!

Hybrid J said...

I've always love old buidlings. The stone arch is such beautiful construction. And your ATCs are just lovely. Thank you for sharing.:)

Leah said...

what fun and creative explorations!