Tuesday, January 12, 2010

ABC Wednesday -Z is for Zentangles

We have come to the end of the alphabet for Round 5 of ABC Wednesday!

This week the letter of focus is Z. An art form I have had fun with seemed the perfect choice for this week - zentangles.

Squidoo describes what a zentangle is and the origin:
"What is a Zentangle? In a word, a doodle. A structured, contained doodle. The term 'Zentangle' was invented by Rick Roberts and Maria Thomas when, one day, Maria described her experience, as she created her art, as feeling timeless, free and engendering a sense of deep well-being'. Rick recognised that she was in a meditative state and so Zentangles were born."

The official website for zentangles has a great description of the different techniques/strokes. You can even sign up for a newsletter.
I have created a number of ATCs for zentangle swaps and thoroughly enjoyed it. Try it out - you might find it becomes addictive!

Be sure to check out the other great participants here.


Sylvia K said...

Those are terrific! And I learned about something I didn't know before! Fun post for the day, Beverley!


Roger Owen Green said...

A website for doodles! So funny!

photowannabe said...

I used to doodle all the time. Think I will have to check out that site. Great post for a word that was brand new to me.

septembermom said...

Wow! That's interesting. I'm always doodling so it's fun to learn about zentangles.

If you're still interested in playing along, here are five words for the word association meme.


Hope you enjoy playing! Thanks!

Hildred said...

Zentangles, - wonderfully descriptive word. Sounds like great fun and I will investigate it further.

Leslie: said...

This looks like fun and something similar to what I used to have my Grade 4's do. A lot of kids can't draw and I don't want them to get discouraged, so I have them "doodle" in swirls all over a paper. Then, they colour in the areas all different colours without worrying about any pattern or shape. Then they have a friend look at their picture from all angles until they "see" something there! And then the picture gets a title! So much fun and so rewarding!

Kim, USA said...

I've never heard of a zentangles that is why I like ABC Wednesday so many informative post I could learn from bloggers all over the world. Thanks for sharing!


Tumblewords: said...

I looked at zentangles a while back and was totally enamored by them, but they looked too complex for me. Yours are wonderful!! Way to go!

Amanda Fall - Sprout editor said...

Love it! I learned about Zentangles in Cloth Paper Scissors but had kinda forgotten...I'm glad for the reminder, because this definitely looks like something relaxing and creative at the same time (perfect combination!).

Keep on truckin'!