Thursday, January 7, 2010

8 Things Thursday - My Birthday

Another birthday is almost over. It has been a good day:

* gifts at 7 this morning before my hubby left for work
*birthday greetings from staff and students throughout the day
*emails and facebook comments from relatives
*a lovely vase of flowers delivered to school from my daughter
*a decorated box with angels from a sweet girl at school
*laughter, hugs throughout the day
*more gifts and a beautiful card from my hubby after work
*a lovely meal at Swiss Chalet for the 2 of us
*shopping afterwards
*phonecalls from my children and stepchildren

So, now when I should be sleeping, I am wide awake and reflecting on a good day.

I am thankful for all my family - they make me feel special. Getting older doesn't seem as bad somehow!

At 8 Things Thursday , the posted question was :

"What are your *8 Things to Stop Doing in 2010? "

But because this was such a good day, and I am trying to be more positive this year, I wanted a different question, and thus create a different list.

I chose: " What 8 Things are you looking forward to in 2010?"

I am looking forward to:

1. More time with my husband, my family and friends.

2. The mixed media collage course my husband gave me for my birthday! Six weeks of creating and learning!

3. Creating more ATCs and taking part in more ATC swaps.

4. Taking Collage Diva's course (that I won) at True North Arts, beginning next week.

5. Reading more and being involved in the book challenges.
6. Working through my challenge, the ABCs of Art and creating much more.

7. Finally having my art studio.

8. Decluttering and making space in my house.

This will be a good year!


Leone said...

Happy Birthday, Bev. I hope you have a wonderful, creative, happy year. You are certainly off to a good start.

sema said...

Happy Birthday,Beverley.
Wishing all your dreams to come true,
Blessings for abundance,

~Leslie said...

Happy Birthday to you!
thanks to stopping by my blog! I like your list as well! ;-)

septembermom said...

Happy Birthday! I hope you enjoyed your special day :) An art studio sounds wonderful.

Anonymous said...

Happy (belated) Birthday!

It looks like you have a wonderful creative year ahead of you - may you have many more.

Beverley Baird said...

Thanks so much for stopping by. It sometimes sems we send ourselves out alone into blogland - it is so good to have others support and care for us! Thanks!