Sunday, January 3, 2010

ABCs of Art - My Year- Long Challenge

A B C s of Art 2010

This past week I have begun my new challenge - to look at art and create art - alphabetically. Each week I will focus on an idea, a style, an artist, a medium and then, create with that as the focus. I hope to learn some new styles and use some new media - but overall I hope to have fun.

This week my focus was Abstract Art and Acrylics.
(Next week's focus will be architecture!)
There is an abundance of information on the web. One site had a very interesting article by Harley Hohn on "Understanding Abstract Art".

Definitions abound as do the styles. My favourite definition came from Mary Wallace ("Art for the Heart")
"...communicates the inner world of the artist by expressing feelings rather than things as they look in the real world.".

One of my favourite abstract artists is Jean-Paul Riopelle who created created "La Tique" in 1954. (Oil, 72.4x91.4 cm - seems like jewels! )

As I was exploring artwork and artists I came across a painting by Jack Bush which really appealed to me. It was the one I used as a model.
"Spot on Red", Oil on Canvas, 203.2x177.8 cm, 1960 - simple, bold , colourful shapes.

As I was working on it I realized I wanted then to use it for my Full Blue Moon dreamboard. I used acrylic, something I have not used much of. I really enjoyed creating the colours.

(You'll notice it is missing the spot - that will come later.)

Then the dreamboard came together. This year I am seeking greater positivity and that came out in all the phrases and pictures I found!. Even my horoscope is cooperating! lol

(I call mine "Blue Moon on Red"!)
Here are some closeups:

I finished some more ATCs for other challenges at ATCsforAll:

A. Birds and Scenes:

B. "Inspire Me"

C. A Christmas Carol (I chose the Muppets' version)

As well, I finished the paper beads for the Prayer Bead swap through TrueNorth Arts (Kathryn Anyr). I hope to do more of these.

All in all, it has been a good start to a more creative 2010!


Leone said...

That is amazing, all that creativity in a week, you are such an inspiration.

Tamarak said...

What a great challenge! Or challenges!!!

Lots of learning to be had here!

Thanks for the links...I am going to take them and go wandering!

I like your dreamboard too...I haven't ever done one of those...and ATCs and paper beads too! You have been busy!

Lisa said...

very inspiring writing and artwork! may all your dreams become manifest! happy new year!

sema said...

Hi Beverley Baird,
Happy new year!
A great start to the new year.This is a post with wonderful works and inspiration.
I have joined the challenge with a colorful abstract digital can see it in my art blog
Blessings for abundance,

Jonathan Steele of said...

Very nice.

I am taking a break from digital and abstract, focusing on steel sculpture.

It is nice to live my love through others abstractions.

My abstract sites are and

May your year be inspiring.