Monday, January 4, 2010

ABC Wednesday - X and Y

This week's letter at ABC Wednesday is Y, but I am including last weeks's letter, X, as well.

X is for eXcitement and eXciting.

Last Sunday (Dec. 27)we were able to see the Olympic Torch runners run just 5 minutes from our home! It was eXciting! I can't believe how choked up I felt when I saw the torch being lit and the first runner (a grandmother!) begin her run up Cedar Street. It was emotional for a lot of people.

The next day we were at a birthday party at a restaurant and another Olympic runner came in, with her torch, after having returned from her run in northern Ontario. She graciously allowed whoever wanted to hold the torch and get a picture with her. I did - but still do not have the picture as I had not brought my camera!!!

What a moment that was. Truly eXciting!

The torch will soon be in Vancouver (Feb. 12) and the Olympics will begin! Can't wait!

Y is for Year - it is a brand new year - 2010!

Happy New Year everyone!

Y also is for YES - my word of intention for 2010!

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Sylvia K said...

Great post for the day, Beverley! I bet it was very moving to see the torch. Here's wishing you a terrific 2010!



Leslie: said...

Happy New YEAR to you, Beverley! We here in Vancouver are really gearing up now. And my sweetie is right in the thick of it! Have a wonderful 2010 and stay tuned to the TV (& my blog) for all the excitement. :D

Kim, USA said...

Happy New Year too!! Lovely photos!


Tumblewords: said...

Isn't this too exciting? I love it!

photowannabe said...

A great post and a truly exciting time. I would have been choked up too.

Roger Owen Green said...

eXcellent, Yes!

Rose said...

That is exciting! I didn't realize the Olympics were coming soon--I'm looking forward to watching them.

Best wishes in the New Year!