Sunday, August 8, 2010

Sunday Weekly Wrap-Up

This past week I have continued with a number of challenges:

the August Break, which encourages you to take a photo a day.
I have been doing a photo of "What I Love" and "Who I Am". It is has been fun and challenging capturing a photo for each, each day. (Check in past posts for each day last week - you might be surprised at what you learn about me!)

Louise Gale began the Creative Colour Challenge last week and the first colour was "Yellow".
This was my entry:

I have yet to add to it, but I have bought different shades of yellow paint as I am loving the brightness of the colour yellow!
The new colour for this week is Raspberry Red!

I also took part in the GPP Challenge for this month: Text Messaging.
Since my last post about these 2 challenges, I have completed a second text page. I have enjoyed this challenge and again I will do something with these as backgrounds.

1st one:
2nd one:

I have also been creating more ATCs - the swaps are so varied and fun.

Jellicle Cats - from the musical "Cats"

Mystery Challenge - Green, sparkly and Textured!

I have been photographing a lot this week -
from cats (my daughter and her boyfriend's)

to hibiscus (which just bloomed yesterday!)

to skies

This week I will continue with the challenges and the ATCs - have a wonderful creative week!


Mary said...

You've been busy! Lots of challenges. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

Unknown said...

Goodness me you have been busy.

Love the cats.

Kat Sloma said...

Wow, you are the poster girl for being creative every day! Keep going! It's so much fun to see. :)

Lis said...

i love your recaps ... it is so inspiring to see ALL that you do and how your spirit just shines throughout all you do :)


xo Lis

Stephanie said...

what a busy and creative week you had! I'm so glad you shared! My Hubby is doing a 365 day photo challenge, it can be hard but oh boy his photography has improved so much thin year!

Leone said...

Like your green and sparkly ATCs and as usual your photos are great. You are so good a keeping up with challenges, as I have said before. How do you do it when you are so busy???