Monday, August 2, 2010

Aug. 2 - Photo and Intention

Day 2 of Daily photo for August:
What I love:

I usually have a cup of tea and a toasted English muffin with jam for breakfast. YUM!

(If you notice the mug -it is from Tim Horton's, a gift from a student . I do love stopping at Timmy's, especially for a tea and blueberry muffin! No coffee for this girl!)

Another self-portrait shot - my foot! I really don't like toes and don't like having mine touched! But I love wearing bright nail polish on my toes - have since my teens.


Andrea of ABC Creativity has started something new this week - setting an intention for the week. I have decided to join in. Here is my post to her post:

I am really good at making to-do lists and checking off most of the items.
But the idea of setting an intention for the week opens up so much possibility. You are not restricted to just completing a list of things. Rather you are open to achieving much more!
My intention for the week (for August really!) is to be in the moment, to see with open eyes. Secondly, it is to create!

Staycation Week at Kim's:

Kim has an exciting week planned for her Inspiration Staycation . Day 1 she asks us to share a bit about ourselves/our blog, some of our favourite posts, and a few of the favourite blogs we visit.

I did share a bit through the journal interview for "30 Journals 30 Days". Check it out here. I listed a number of great places I love to visit. Be sure to check out my side bar for others as well.

Here are a few of my favourite posts:

1. ABCs of Art – C is for Colour
I had fun creating a piece of art based on an artist and the whole idea of going through the alphabet looking at art has been fun. I am continuing but in a different way.

2. Dream

3. Words to Inspire Me
I had forgotten about this post and artwork! I need to revisit this and apply them regularly!

Lots going on for August! Have a wonderful week!

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