Friday, August 6, 2010

Day 6 - August Break

Aug. 6 - Day 6 of the August Break.

What I Love:
I love to create - whether it is ATCs, crafts, or a piece of artwork. I am enjoying the process so much more now.

The memory collage I created for my mother last week:

Who I am:
I am of Scottish descent through my father - he was born in Scotland, but grew up in Canada. He died when I was 20 and the following year my family travelled to Scotland to see where he was born. What an awesome trip that was!
Each August, the small town of Fergus, Ontario holds a Scottish Festival and it is such fun.

Kim Klassen has been doing such an excellent job of offering so many interesting and informative interviews and ideas on her blog for her Inspiration Staycation week. So much to see each day!
Checkit out here.

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