Sunday, August 29, 2010

Sunday Weekly Wrap-up

It is hard to believe that there is only 1 more week left of summer holidays before school begins on Sept. 7th. I will be back in my classroom this week preparing for the first day back.
Where has the summer gone? I had such high hopes and plans at the beginning. Yes, we did get away for a few weeks and I did some art, and read a few books and started sorting and cleaning, but...
*I did not get my little studio finished
*I did not get into the healthy routine I wanted to
*I did not see my sons at all this summer and my daughter only twice
Added to this I have a new health issue - high blood pressure (which I am now taking medication for).
I took part in a number of challenges this summer and enjoyed them while I had the time. But, the 2 weeks away really had me looking at the amount of time I have been on the computer and blogging. I love visiting other blogs and have found so many creative artists. I have continued with almost daily photography -which I love. (Some examples)
(One of the churches in Cambridge, Ontario)

(Small waterfall near Festival Theatre in Stratford)

(hibiscus from our garden)
One theme on several blogs that I have visited is the one of doing what you love, but also showing up every day to hone your craft.
I also came across a very powerful quote on a park bench along the river in Stratford:
"The journey is the joy."

So, with all that in mind, I am going to step back a bit and focus on the practice of improving my art and getting healthier.

Some art to share!
I have been working on a number of ATCs the past week:


Art of Dr. Seuss:

Using a Stamp

Here's wishing everyone a wonderful week, as we come to the end of August and the beginning of September!


Create With Joy said...

Love your ATCs Bev!

I'm sorry to hear you are having some health issues and DO help you will take good care of yourself and get your hypertension under control! I know how difficult that can be. Hope you have a wonderfully fruitful school year!


Unknown said...

Hope you get your blood pressure under control.

Enjoy the start of your school year.

K J D said...

I love your page for GPP... so full of good intention that I am sure you will achieve your goals.

Your atcs are great 'my stays are too tight' made me smile!

Thank you for your kind words on my blog :)

Enjoy the last week of the hols.... I am back to work next week too (PT) after nearly 7 weeks off for the holidays. I haven't done half the things I intended to do - so you are not alone!!!

Stephanie said...

I feel ya on the returning to school--we start back up on the 8th. Teachers have been in and out of the building for the past 2 weeks!

It sounds like you are applying healthy thinking to your well being and will surly be better for the step back.

Take care and write only when you want to and not when you think you should!