Sunday, January 19, 2014

Sunday Weekly Wrap-Up

This past week started my "Year of Firsts". the inspiration came from LuAnn Cahn and her book "I Dare Me" which chronicled her daily Year of Firsts. (Check here to my first post about this challenge).

All week I was busy with a number of projects and then came down with a bout of food poisoning. Not a good time to be thinking of trying something new, let me tell you.

Yesterday though, I decided to finally try making and drinking my first green smoothie. Two of my children are vegans and have been encouraging me to go more natural.  The idea of a green smoothie just didn't excite me though. I had already bought a bullet and thought I'd try a fruit one.

But, as I was checking recipes yesterday, I discovered one for "Sunshine in a Jar" and it was a green smoothie!. Loved the name and I had 3 out of 4 of the main ingredients. Perfect.

I put 2 handfuls of spinach, 1 cup chopped pineapple and the juice of 2 oranges into my blender; whirled the ingredients and voila - my first smoothie.
I sampled it and although it took a while (okay a long while) to finish it, I found it a very different tast. It was more the texture than the taste - the pineapple came through. Yes, I will try it again.It just takes getting used to I think.

Zen Cards

I am continuing with creating the zen cards and learning some new zentangles. Next I ned to work on shaing - this really adds to the quality of the zens.

Journal 52
The theme this past week  for Journal 52 was "Somewhere, A Simple Place". For me, my home is my refuge a place to be safe.

I worked on several swaps this past week:

Butterflies on 9s (by the time I am finished I will have a whole deck of butterflies)

Collage PAT

Set of Twinchies

Books Read - check page above for progress on my 10 books - I've read 8 so far

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SCarol said...

I love your sweet house with the heart and the butterfly ATC are gorgeous.

Emma said...

Mmm delicious...I think! Loved catching up with all your chalenges. Specially like the Zentangles, shading, too ;)

Create With Joy said...

Bev, your art always inspires me, and I particularly love your butterfly-themed deck of cards!

How cool it would be to have a set of cards based with a suit of your favorite items as well!

I SO appreciate you sharing your talents with us each week at Inspire Me Monday at Create With Joy!