Tuesday, January 28, 2014

ABC Wednesday - C

This week at ABC Wednesday, C is our letter of the week.

C is for:

Nat King Cole

Loved this quote - it is so true.


Cesar Chavez

This quote immediately made me think of the terrible situation in Quebec, with the threat of their new charter that will ban the wearing of visible religious symbols by all public servants. No turbans or hijabs for example.
Where is the respect for others in this province?

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photowannabe said...

It is too bad that "political correctness" has gone so far.
We live in such a lopsided thinking world.

Roger Owen Green said...

I LOVED Nat Cole and my mother did even more.
Pete Seeger died today and he too worked for justice.

Susan Moore said...

Great quotes, very true!

ellen b said...

Nat King Cole is a favorite of mine...

Hildred said...

Great quotes, - love Nat King Cole. I listened to him today singing "Steal Away" with Mahalia Jackson - so moving.

Unknown said...

Classic Quotes but I am not very politically inclined

PhenoMenon,ABC twam

Leslie: said...

Nat's song (duet with Natalie) called "Unforgettable" is on the short list for our first dance at our wedding.

abcw team

Powell River Books said...

Two very important men. My grandparents lived in the California central valley where many migrant workers laboured on farms and in fields. As a college student I was active in the support of farm worker's rights. - Margy