Monday, January 13, 2014

Writing Goals for 2014

While traversing blogland, I discovered a blog hop for writers that offers a chance to write about different topics. The first is one that I should have already done but have just verbalized.

My Personal Writing Goals for 2014

After participating in Tara's "PiBoIdMo and NaNoWrMo in November, my desire to continue writing was sparked. During NaNoMoWri,  I completed 3 novellas and am now working on several more. I am also working on several picture book manuscripts.
So, my writing goals for 2014 are:

1. Complete ReVi Mo this week. (This is a chance to revise picture book manuscripts)

2. Participate in Start the Year Write 2014 - offering daily prompts in January

3. Complete "Editing and Revising with Cindy Myers" course from Feb.3-23, an online course.

4. Participate more fully in 12 x 12 -writing 12 picture books in 12 months (offered by Julie Hedlund)

5. Write daily, even if only morning papers.

6. Read and learn more about writing.

7. Submit at least one novella by September.


Ruth L. Snyder said...

Welcome to the blog hop :) I'm glad you joined us. I'm excited to see where you're at with your goals at the end of 2104.

Janis Cox said...

Great to meet you. Glad you joined in the writer's goals.
Blessings on all that you dream to do,

Tracy Krauss said...

Sorry I'm a bit late in visiting, but better late than never! Looks like you will be busy this year!

Sara Davison said...

Great, well-articulated goals Beverley - thanks for sharing. I did have a hard time trying to figure out whose blog this is, which makes it difficult for the reader to connect with your writing. Would you consider putting your name at the top so everyone who visits knows who they're visiting? Blessings on you and your work in the year ahead.

Kathleen Friesen said...

I'm glad you joined this blog hop, Beverley. Sounds like a busy year for you. I hope we'll meet here gain in two weeks. :)

Bobbie Cole said...

Hello Beverley and welcome to the Blog Hop. Sounds like you're honing your skills this year. Picture books sound exciting.

Violet N. said...

Glad you found this hop and joined in, Beverley. It sounds like you have lots of irons in the fire. All the best with them this year!