Thursday, August 29, 2013

Photo Challenges - Sky Watch and Messy Little Details

Time to share our skies! With a bit of cloud and some gray, the skies have a bit more character.

Be sure to visit here to see awesome skies from around the world.

Messy Little Details

Carolyn Jane hosts this fun meme. As she says :
"I want to invite you to join me in sharing photos of those odd little things you just have to photograph, things that inspire you, thrill you, make you laugh or make you wonder."

I couldn't resist this photo of one of our tomatoes - it was fine yesterday, almost ready to be picked, and then today some little animal had eaten half of it!


Leora said...

Ha on the tomatoes! I have eaten tomatoes in my backyard, too. Probably deer.

Sylvia K said...

Lovely, peaceful skies, Bev, and great captures for the day! Have a wonderful weekend!

Carolyn Phillips said...

Looks like they enjoyed eating it. Great photo, thanks for linking.

Laura said...

beautiful skies... I hope whoever took a bite of your tomato enjoyed it!