Sunday, September 26, 2010

Sunday Weekly Wrap Up

Although I have been busy - with creating ATCs, taking part in several memes and challenges, doing the weekly wrap up was just not happening for a few.

I had said a while back that after coming back from holidays I needed to step back a bit from blogging and take part only as I wanted, not because I felt I must.
I have been taking part in the GPP challenges and enjoying them I realized a couple of days ago that I hadn't posted what I had created. So I thought I would combine it on this wrap up.

GPP #44 - In a Scrape
Using a couple of old plastic cards, I had fun scraping paint on paper. Here are my results:

I used this one for the Day of the Dead ATCs below


I have been involved in many swaps with ATCsforall. Here are a few I have completed:


Day of the Dead:

Crows and Numbers:

Full Moon Dreamboard/ Fall Tree of Intentions

Last week was both the beginning of fall and the full moon. I really enjoyed creating my tree of intentions



I have been involved in 365 days of photography with Madeline Bea since Sept. 1.
Here are some of my favourite shots.


An old log:

More pictures of "Knit the Bridge" - a fascinating art project in Cambridge

A spider - tried for a closer macro shot - have to work on the different settings!
100 Days to a Healthier Me!
My next project is not an artistic one but a healthy one - 100 days of healthy living. My tree of intentions got me fired up to finally (!!!) do something about my weight and my health. In just over 100 days I will turn 59 and I am worried that if I don't do something soon, my health will get worse.
So, after all the wishful thinking and writing about what I wanted to do, I am committing to eating better, exercising and taking care of my health!


Unknown said...

Wow, looks like you have been busy. The atcs look great - love the shadows esp. "Knit the Bridge" looks facinating - I'm going to google it now.

Janice / Dancing with Sunflowers said...

Wow! What a lot of creative stuff! I love your ATCs and the tree of intentions sounds like a great idea. Good luck with your 100 days to a healthier you. That sounds like something I should be committing to, too! Have a lovely week,

EVA said...

Good luck with your 100 day challenge! Sounds like a great idea! You've been doing lovely work!

Jackie said...

great scraped pages, Beverley, and I love how you used one to make those fab ATCs.

michelle ward said...

Bev - that's quite a wrap-up! Loving your scraped pieces. So much texture and terrific layers of colors. Delicious! Thanks for sharing with the team!

Anonymous said...

My goodness you are busy, loved your photos of everything. Lovely scraped papers.

Jessica said...

i love that you used some of your scraping for ATCs! You ATCs are lovely - the shadows are my favorite. Very inspiring!

Justine said...

came across from madeline bea's 365, love your photographs so far and love your other journals - what a fun blog

Anonymous said...

Very cool, especially that you used one of the for your Day of the Dead pieces.