Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Happy Book - Dance

This past week' s Happy Book adventure was to dance - To find those songs that make you just want to drop every thing and dance.

A number of years ago I had made a tape of songs that I would put on and dance to, sometimes for 40 minutes at a time. Dancing was my way to exercise, to release stress. The past few years I have gotten away from that love of dancing and I dance only rarely now.

My favourite show is "So You Think You Can Dance", both the Canadian and American versions. I suppose in another life, dancing would have been a big part of my life.

I moved to music a bit this week, I sang in the car but I really didn't let loose and dance. I have been feeling unfit and tired for a while.

Then I refound the wedding entrance dance and I could feel the joy in all the wedding party and I knew I had to get that feeling back. When I made my ""tree of Intentions" yesterday, I had to place dance on it. I resolve to make sure I dance till I feel better!

Some of my favourite dance songs are:

"Party for Two" ~ Shania Twain

"Jive Talking" ~ BeeGees

"Dancing Queen" ~ ABBA

"Billie Jean" ~ Michael Jackson

"YMCA" ~ Village People

"Stayin' Alive" ~ Bee Gees

"I Gotta Feeling" ~ Black Eyed Peas

"Celebration" ~ Kool and the Gang

"Disco Inferno" - The Tramps (1978)

There are so many more but this is a start! I'm off to make a CD - I've been inspired! Thanks Jamie!

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Grammy said...

Hi Bev, My daughter love to dance to ymce. I enjoyed listing to your list with my grandson today. Have a wonderful week.

Helen said...

Yay! Dance and you'll feel better. It's such a healing activity. Have a great week!

Jamie Ridler said...

I loved reading about your dance journey. With this playlist before long I bet you'll be dancing again! You got me grooving :) ((hugs))