Sunday, June 28, 2009

School's Out - well almost!

I had the last day with children on Friday. The day went quickly and no tears! I was so tired by week's end I really can't say I was sad to see the day /week/year end!

We still have one PA Day Monday - but that is a stress-free day and a chance to start the wheels turning for next Sept.

The problem this week will be moving ALL of my stuff (25+ years accumulated stuff!) from the portable into the school! I have not been able to do much before now as there was another teacher who was moving out.

Being in the school will be a big change. Air conditioning, other teachers close by to name 2 big changes. But now I have to rethink what my room will be like.

Still no access at home for downloading photos from my camera. I was able to do a bit last week, but after Thursday I won't have access to the school computers. Any suggestions???

I am so looking forward to the time to create, take photos and write. July will be month to create a collage a day, a photo a day, and photographing the 50 things I like. I hope to start work on my Mom's recipe books I am making for my children. These are all part of my "101 Things to do in 1001 Days".

To end off, I want to share a video of a song Michael Jackson had a big part of - "We Are the World" . (I have tried to upload the video but with no success - computer whiz I am not!)
The 3 deaths last week were a shock.


mel said...

Here's to an enjoyable and creative summer!!

Congrats on your *new* space....think of all the possibilities!!

mel said...

PS Something for you over here...