Monday, June 29, 2009

A Most Lovely Award!

The generous and talented Mel of Creative Clutter has honoured me with this fabulous award! Thank you so much Mel - my first ever award, which I gratefully accept.

As is usually the way...there are certain rules which should be followed:

(as Mel said, she is not one for following rules so refers to them as guidelines! " do what you like, give it to whomever you feel is worthy of the accolade...")

The Guidelines:

1. Post picture of the award with a link back to person who honoured you

2. Pass along the award to deserving persons whose blogs you have just discovered.

3. Leave a *note* informing aforementioned recipients of your bloggy award-love.

So... here are some treasures I have found in my few short months blogging:

1. Lisa of Girl Can Create

2. Tamarak of Tamarak's Table

There are so many women I have met through different blogs and different challenges. At first I thought I was to give the award to a limited number. Then visiting Mel's other blog, Clutter to Shine, she said the original post asked that 15 (!) blogs be awarded. So I am adding to my original list!

3. Magpie

4. Barb

5. Snap

6. Judi

7. Kris

8. Rebecca

9. Grace

10. Leana May

Please check out these wonderful women and their blogs!

Thanks again to Mel. I wish everyone a most lovely week!

Spread the Joy!


Lisa PN said...

Oh Beverly, Thanks so much for your award. I am not sure how to do this, but i will try and figure it out and blog about it tomorrow!!!

Nellie said...

Thanks so much, Beverly, for this beautiful award. I'm not sure how to pass it on either, but will give it my best shot shortly! No one has ever given me an award before, so I was really thrilled. Now I know that I'm not out there just *flopping* around by myself, afterall!

I'll be back to vist your blog often, it's a comfortable place to be.

Have a great day.