Wednesday, June 10, 2009

ABC Wednesday - "Up There"

It was difficult to choose this week. I had been planning on "unicorn" for ABC Wednesday as my daughter has collected unicorns for a long time (ok - I bought them for her - one for each birthday and in stockings!). But I am unable to upload any new photos right now, so I had to use what I had already uploaded.

So next would have been "underwater" as I had some great underwater shots when we were in the Bahamas last March Break. Alas, they weren't where I could access them (of course!)

Sooo - I decided on "up". I have a love of photographing skies - so have many to choose from. Please enjoy a few views of "Up There".

I had to finish with a few fireworks from July 1st last year - way "UP" there!


Tumblewords: said...

Oh, what glorious up-theres! I posted unicorns because I didn't have any good 'up-theres'. :)

Marie Reed said...

Up up and away! What a gorgeous firework finale! I'm clapping!

Dragonstar said...

Beautiful cloud shots, and the fireworks are superb.

Thank you, on behalf of the ABC Team.

Leone said...

Your photos wonderful. So often we walk around without looking and it really is pretty amazing up there!

I have done well with the 100 in 100 challenge but I don't work and my time is my own so I can spend as many hours as I want at it. When you work self-care is so important, so keep on nurturing and pampering.