Tuesday, June 16, 2009

ABC Wednesday - Violin / "Sound"

V is for violin. This week's letter via ABC Wednesday made me think of violins. Not only is the instrument my favourite, but my grandfather made them and played them.

Last summer while in Victoria on Vancouver Island, B.C., (more V's!!!) I discovered a tiny art gallery and was drawn to the intricate miniature violins on sale. The photo above is that tiny violin ((6" in length) that I carried carefully home on the plane.

One of the best shows I have ever seen was "Bowfire" - 12 violinists, fiddlers and other bowed instruments. We happened to be at the performance when their DVD was being taped. It took us a while but we did find ourselves! It was an amazing show!

Tied for amazing performances would be the family "Leahy" - a Canadian group that puts on a fantastic fiddling, stepping, energetic show.

Both are must- sees.


Dragonstar said...

Three of my children learned the fiddle many years ago - it's very popular here in Ireland. Your miniature violin is exquisite!

On behalf of the ABC Team, many thanks for your participation.

Jay said...

Oh, I love the miniature violin! We're hoping to get to Vancouver Island someday (my BIL lives in Vancouver) and if we do I'll be looking for that little gallery!

I love Bowfire too - I'd never heard of them before, but the music in the link you posted was wonderful. Have you heard Stephane Grapelli and Yehudi Menuhin together? They made a couple of albums of jazz violin music and played so well together. They style of that piece reminded me of them.

Leah said...

Fun! My husband grew up playing the violin and can still play a bit. I looooove the way it sounds. One of my favorite instruments.