Thursday, June 18, 2009

Wishcasting Wednesday - Play it is!

Play - Dance - Create

Jamie at Starshyne Productions has posed the question "Who or what do you wish to play with?"

Last night I was not ready to think play. Tonight I see the need to bring more play into my life.

Genie Sea's play list was awesome. I could just imagine letting go and letting my inner child play along with her.

But it was BlissChick whose Dancing Queen post touched me deeply. I used to dance and dance with joy. Now it is rare that I dance on my own. My hubby and I go out several times a year and dance together and I do enjoy that. But it is the 30 min or more when I used to put on my dancing tape and just dance, that I miss. My kids used to laugh when they heard the music being notched up. I wanted to fill myself with the music and just feel free and then move.

Right now pain in knees and hips, a few extra pounds and just tiredness are excuses to keep me from dancing. But I need to just let go and put that music on and DANCE, DANCE, DANCE.

Wishcast Wednesday is an opportunity to share our wishes. As Jamie says: "There is great power in wishing together."


Janet said...

i say you can even dance in your chair if you need to. JUST DANCE! even if you only wave your arms and bob your head! c'mon! i'll do it with you!

that which you wish for, Beverly, i wish for you also.

Holly said...

You are too wonderful to let a dance moment slip by without you!

As this dancing queen wishes for herself, so I lovingly and with intention, wish for her also!

Marie Reed said...

I miss dancing too! I used to go all the time but haven't in ages. Francois only went dancing with me until I was hooked and then tod me that he secretly hated going. Typical man! This is inspirational.. We all to jack up the music and DANCE! You are so right!

Rose said...

As Beverly wishes for herself, so I wish for her to!

Go dance with joy!

Leone said...

Where along the way do we lose the ability to play, sing, dance, laugh. Everything becomes so serious. There is a song called I Hope You Dance by Leanne Womack......I Hope YOU Dance. Dance as though no one is watching you. I have that written on my wall.

Angie said...

Hello Beverly,
Like your post on wanting to dance more, I know what you mean, to be able to just let go and jump up and leap to the groove! I too feel I don't make enough time to feel the music to let go.
But I went to this concert with my two girls and the conductor of the orchestra told the audience to get up from there chairs and help him conduct to the music in different tempos, it was great fun and we all really felt like we were part of the whole movement of the music!So you don't have to leap to the music to feel it just get that baton out!
And for Wishcast Wednesday,
'May your wish come true!' :)