Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Sounds to Wake UpTo

It's funny how many things stay at the edge of consciousness until something makes you notice them. Then you frequently see or hear them - whether it is a phrase, a song or object.
When Leah at Creative Every Day intoduced June's theme "Sound", I was not sure how I would use it this month.

This morning I was awakened at 5 and as I lay in bed, I could hear a virtual symphony of birds outside. First one bird would start and then another would pick up the refrain. As I listened, I could pick out so many different bird calls. I could just imagine them calling to each other, sharing news and gossip.

Normally I am not an early riser - 7 am is early enough! By the time I am awake, the regular noises of the street drown out the birds. Yet this morning I did not go back to sleep as I usually would and instead listened to the music.

It was such a pleasant start to the day. I might not have focused on them if I hadn't been nudged by the "Sound" theme. Thanks Leah!

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Leone said...

What a lovely way to wake up. It is so true that the human noises drown out the sounds of nature, especially in the city where nature noises are almost non-existent. The firs thing I thought of when Leah suggested sound was voices and music. It is a very interesting topic to try to put into something creative.